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Cancellation of Walsall Pride 2021

Walsall Pride For All Statement from its trustees

Cancellation of Walsall Pride 2021

It is with sadness and regret that we must announce this year's Walsall Pride, which would have taken place on Saturday 28th August, will not go ahead as planned. Whilst we appreciate that the community were looking forward to a return to normality and us being able to stage our 10-year anniversary event it sadly isn’t possible to stage this year

As a small charity we rely on funding from grants and sponsorship and as such it's been difficult to obtain funding due to the current climate, but also with restrictions in place it proved difficult to plan our event as we usually do. There is currently no guidance in place for events post lockdown which means we are unable to plan for any guidance that may be put into place and for any costs that would be associated with this.

We know that this news will be of huge disappointment to a lot of people and will be a huge loss for Walsall town centre with the visitors that pride attract each year with our relaxed, welcoming, and inclusive atmosphere.

This decision has not been taken lightly and we have reviewed the situation regularly, however we promise to be back in 2022 with our 10th anniversary event on Saturday 27th August 2022 and we hope that you will all join us then.

We would like to thank everyone for the support we have had from the community of Walsall. Please take care of yourselves and love ones; and we as many of you look forward to a return to normality

Thank you,

Matt, Matt H, Zac, Rach, and Christine

The Walsall Pride for All board of trustees

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Mrs T E Walker
Mrs T E Walker
Jun 20, 2021

Gutted to hear this but totally understand during this time during a hard hit pandemic. Hope to see you in 2022🏳️‍🌈


Sad to hear this but understandable given the situation. Any plans to have any digital events this year, like we have in 2020?


Very sad to read this, but totally understandable. Looking forward to celebrating the 10th anniversary next year.

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