Walsall Pride For All Statement on the Coronavirus

Walsall Pride are committed to bringing our annual event to Walsall for 2020 and are continuing to plan for the event as normal. We are monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus pandemic as it develops, and are taking careful notice of the announcements made by the government, World health organisation and local authorities.

Our event is currently planned to go ahead however we are closely monitoring the situation, and guidance issued by the uk government, should this change in the coming days weeks and months we will review the

situation and act accordingly.

We still aim to host Walsall Pride 2020 on Saturday 29th August in Gallery Square and Park street, however we will be working on contingency plans with the support of our suppliers and Walsall Council. We will be open and honest with our plans, and keep everyone informed of anything that might change that could effect the event going ahead as planned, but at present we are operating business as usual. With any event of this nature we will be taking extra precautions to ensure that no-one is put in any unnecessary risk, and we will take action to delay or cancel should we or external parties deem it necessary.

We would like to thank everyone for the support we have had from the community of Walsall. Please take care of yourselves and love ones; and remember to offer extra support to those most vunerable to this pandemic.

Thank you,

The Walsall Pride For All Team

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