Turings Law - 31st January

Following the pardoning of World War Two code-breaker Alan Turing for gross indecency in 2013, on 31st Jan 2017 'Turing's Law' ensured that every gay and bi man who was unjustly convicted or cautioned by the police in the past for kissing in public, chatting up another man or anything else that would be legal today can have that crime deleted from their criminal record.

Minister of State for the Home Office Brandon Lewis later said, “I want to take the opportunity to apologise unreservedly, on behalf of the Government, to all those men who will receive a pardon. The legislation under which they were convicted and cautioned was discriminatory and homophobic.”

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah said, “I am deeply sorry that so many men died without being pardoned in this way. I am sorry too that our country was blind to a simple fact – that love is love.”

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